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Lada rubbish..?!

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Jump to navigation. So for many people in Britain, any views of Lada are frozen in time from odd years ago. But in recent years, thanks to investment from Group Renault, the Russian firm has made some major advancements, refreshing its range with a host of new machines.

The resurgence has been so successful that Lada is now exporting cars from Russia again — although not to the UK or EU, since the current Lada range still falls short of Euro 6 engine regulations.

While our drives were not long enough to offer a definitive verdict, they did show that you can cast away those old stereotypes: modern Ladas are actually rather decent.

The interior is less distinctive, if perfectly functional, and the infotainment is certainly not cutting-edge. Lada unveils 4x4 Vision concept at Moscow motor show. We sampled the top-spec 1. The big disappointment was the five-speed automatic gearbox, which undid much of the promise shown by the engine through a stubborn reluctance to change up gears: perhaps fittingly, it occasionally felt a few decades behind the times.

While the popularity of SUVs is on the rise in Russia — mirroring global trends — the market is unusual in that there is still strong demand for saloons. The Vesta Cross is the latest version to be launched, and expected to help make the saloon appeal to more a slightly more affluent audience. Our test car featured the same 1. In the Vesta Cross, the claimed top speed is mph, although the mph time is trimmed to The Lada museum in pictures: greatest hits and craziest concepts.

Notably, interior space was excellent, particularly in the rear. You can definitely stop laughing at Lada for producing rubbish cars : both the X-Ray and Vesta Cross are pretty decent. But where Lada really scores is on price. Lada reinvents itself with three bold new models. Lada unveils 4x4 Vision concept at Moscow motor show Advertisement Back to top Car news New cars Share story Are you as passionate about cars as we are?

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Advertisement Join the debate Comments 33 Peter Cavellini. I reckon this is the shape of car that the crossover craze will evolve into, sit up high but not as boxy as the current breed, something like the Jag iPace. It says lots of investment from Group Renault Poor research - this article is incorrect in its claim that Lada vehicles are not sold in the EU. Lada offers quite a wide range of their vehicles in Germany, including the Vesta, Kalina, Granta and the good old 4X4 previously known as the Niva.

Check out www. Chris C. I saw Vesta written on anything it was a dehydrated curry in a cardboard box, that probably tasted worse than the box it actually came in.

Fiesta is a Spanish festival, so what is the relevance of your point?. You use that analogy, yet admit that you have never tasted it, to be able to compare it to cardboard Login Register. Newsletter sign up. Mobile navigation. Tabs Menu. You are logged out. Currently reading: Driven: what modern Lada cars are like behind the wheel. Driven: what modern Lada cars are like behind the wheel. Should you still be cracking Lada jokes? Open gallery. Share story.

Select model. Latest Drives. Audi SQ7 review. Audi S3 Sportback review. Rolls-Royce Ghost review. Suzuki Ignis 1. Mazda MX-5 1. View all latest drives. Lada unveils 4x4 Vision concept at Moscow motor show We sampled the top-spec 1.

So what are modern Lada models really like? Car news New cars. Are you as passionate about cars as we are?

Join the debate Comments. Peter Cavellini. Lada rubbish..?! Log in or register to post comments. Again - as you are always. Again - as you are always adding your opinion here I will be your editor. Peter Cavellini wrote:. Wrong info. Agree: wrong info. Lada is being imported to Slovakia as well. Given the amount of road accidents shown on TV these days do they come with built in dashcams? Last time.

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