Screen translator для игр

screen translator для игр

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Поддерживаемые ОС Cross-platform
Разрядность 32 bit, 64 bit, x32, x64
Тип загрузки Архив
Язык интерфейса Русский
Последнее обновление 2019
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You can translate the screenshot directly.

Версия Платформа Язык Размер Формат Загрузка
   Screen translator для игр All Windows Русский, английский 304MB .exe
Безопасность файла проверена : McAfee
Screen translator для игр так

No typing, but copying. With its intuitive options interface, you can configure advanced setting simply. Save your captured screen as image or PDF.

Set OCR language. Customize keyboard shortcuts. Configure general settings. Powered by advanced and industry-leading translation engine, Easy ScreenOCR is able to process translation after the image has been converted to plain text.

You can translate the screenshot directly. We create this smart application to help users to capture the screenshot and then extract the text from these pictures in the most efficient way.

Quite simple to use and it deserves giving a shot. Three steps to OCR captured images and extract text. How to grab text from the screenshot on Mac. Best Text Scanner. Support screenshot OCR. No need to retype any text from images. Try this free OCR application to copy text. OCR Language Support. Easy Screen OCR supports recognizing more than languages around the world. Easy to Use. No need to upload anything, just capture portion of the screen and then copy the text.

Cross Platform. Two OCR Modes. Screenshot Translation. Extract text from screenshots, images and then translate them to other languages. Support 20 languages translation. HotKeys Setting.

Set your own hot keys to make your capture-ocr process more convenient. Easy to Install. Free Update. You can enjoy our update services for totally free. OCR Captured Screenshot. Translate Captured Image. Download for Free. App available for Windows OS. Get the smart OCR software right now! Privacy Policy Blog.

How To Get Live Desktop Translations! Great for Japanese Games and Visual Novels!, time: 16:48

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