Игра life is feudal forest village

игра life is feudal forest village

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4.32   (472 голосов)
Поддерживаемые ОС Windows, MAC, Linux
Разрядность amd64/i586
Тип загрузки Инсталлятор
Язык интерфейса Многоязычный
Последнее обновление 2018
Тип распространения Бесплатный
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Дата заливки 26.04.2020

Highlight ALL pinned buildings rather than just one.

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   Игра life is feudal forest village Windows 7, 8, 10 Мульти 258MB .exe
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Premium Shop. Customer Support. Sign In. Create Account. Life is Feudal: MMO. Feature request. Discussions Discussions Tags. Life is Feudal: Forest Village. Chickens should produce less fertile eggs.

I think that there should be slower chicken growth but faster egg production Highlight ALL pinned buildings rather than just one. Highlighting a single pinned building makes checking for overlapping ranges difficult Warm for hunters and foresters. View last comment.

Fix idle clay miner issue never works a laborer. Normally idle workers become laborers, but clay miners do not. As long as the clay limit has been reached, they keep hanging around their mine, waiting Scale able UI. It is difficult to play on higher resolutions as the UI is extremely small i use a x monitor. Road building adjustment. This came up when the game started to lag slightly.

With too many buildings in progress, speeding up time lags a little, and I was trying to figure out what is the problem. That is when I noticed that 1x1 road piece is seen as one building, and is Provide tool tips for First Person Actions.

Especially 4 A tool tip would be helpful. Also when I "possess" a builder in order to finish building a structure the continual clicking is kinda loathsome. Perhaps allow for holding The villagers all look very similar. Even adding a few additional colors would vary the looks a bit. Ideally Hair color and perhaps even skin color could be changed as well? Allow for Tree Falls. When a tree falls in the forest there should be some chance that it will result in some amount of wood.

Ideally the amount of usable wood should fall over time. As it currently works Oak trees produce 14 wood when freshly chopped down. Given tha Allow Taverns as a place to eat and allow ANY house as a place to get warm. The colonists in this game do a LOT of walking. Allowing them to seek warmth in ANY house seems like a good idea.

Also Taverns should be a source of food and warmth. Course that means the tavern keeper would have to make food runs but that seems Smooth terraform tool. You have to spend a lot of time and effort for your terrain not to look all edgy and raggedy after you do something with it epsieclally ramps and plateau Faster Time. Speeding up the time a bit more would be really nice. Change the activity "Mining Resource" to "Gathering Resource".

It seems weird for a woman cutting down a tree to be "mining" a resource. The more general "Gathering" seems like a better wording Allow Lumberjacks to do General Labor when they reach their production limit. Use a different icon for fields in Winter than for houses without firewood. I see the need for both icons but one is something that needs immediate action while the other is a normal part of the seasons.

Using two separate icons or allowing us to turn OFF the field Icon makes more sense than showing both in the same way Build with friends or Multiplayer Mode. I am sure this has been mentioned before, but what would be more enjoyable than playing this great game with a friend or random. Building a village together communicating about strategy and multi tasking between people. I am not sure the logist Fahrenheit vs Celsius. Please include an option in the settings to convert the temperature from celsius to fahrenheit for us USA challenged folks.

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