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the witcher 3 wild hunt nexus

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Follow Topic. When I first got the game I played it through within a month, and upon reaching one of the less-desirable endings, promptly started a new campaign. The games, according to both the developers and the author himself, are faithful adaptations of the books, and the stories and characters found within them, rather than a continuation of the story.

This being the third instalment, the first two games have taken an already rich-in-lore universe and added their own depth and story threads. The games complement the books perfectly, and avid fans can enjoy both without feeling one experience cheapens the other. Sunsets and Sunrises can be awe-inspiring This is the first time that the Witcher franchise is coming to PlayStation previously only on PC at first, and later Xbox with a port of the second title , and as such it has many newcomers to cater to.

For newcomers, the game comes with a Witcher Universe Compendium booklet, which serves as a condensed series of bios on the characters and offers a brief explanation for the context of the world in which you find yourself. If you opt for this, it triggers an in-game scene where Geralt, your main character, is questioned on events and choices from previous games by an NPC. Geralt tries to project the persona of a gruff, coldly professional Witcher — a monster killer for hire.

His character depth becomes more evident the more time you spend with him, playing as him. You can either perpetuate the cool demeanour, or you can show you care, just by your dialogue choices.

Enemies come at you from land, water, and sky As with any RPG, the dialogue is a vital aspect to story progression and final outcome. The visual cues for the importance of certain pieces of dialogue are amazingly subtle, except for the occasional timed response. These responses can have immediate effect, or far-reaching consequences. Even side missions can have a final effect on the outcome of the fate of the Northern Realms, so you have to choose wisely. The reality is that Geralt, to his great consternation, is an unwilling King-maker.

For those with little RPG experience, dialogue is detailed and can sometimes be frustratingly obvious. The Witcher 3 might have some hopelessly obvious moments, but the overall experience would be nothing without the excellent dialogue systems put in place by the developers, and the build-up to certain fateful phrases.

The air of familiarity is important to establishing the atmosphere and mood of the game. As mentioned before, recaps are worked seamlessly into dialogue and scenes. The player is never spoon-fed and spoken down to, nor are you left completely in the dark.

A fuller appreciation can definitely be felt by those who are not only familiar with the previous games, but the books themselves. The lore found in the Witcher 3 is rich and detailed. Within the glossary you will find many entries on beasts, characters, and the context of the game. So non-readers, beware. Combat can be frenetic and satisfying The vast open world is broken down into three main, impressively large maps, which you can fast-travel between as the story progresses.

Icons for quests and things to discover populate the map densely, with a huge variety of activities to do. You can pick up quests through eavesdropping on NPC conversations, and by checking out bulletin boards in villages and towns.

On these bulletin boards you find contracts for monsters, and pleas for help from those looking for a missing family member or friend. Side quests offer a lot in terms of variety, and usually each has a surprisingly well written individual story. This makes the world of the Witcher 3 , whether in White Orchard, Velen, Novigrad, or Skellige, feel dynamic and alive.

The only complaint here is that it might be possible that there is too much to do. For those who are bored of the standard open-world or sandbox formula with repetitive tasks and quests, this is truly a great strength of the game. Compulsive completionists might be the only ones who truly suffer here. Adding to the dynamic and living feel of the world is the lack of enemy scaling on the map. There are no sectors with suggested character levels.

The developers have added little red skulls on the status bars of these enemies, to help you realise that an encounter will spell your doom. For those who are more obstinate and like a challenge, I found that you can take these enemies on with success, if you are sufficiently prepared with the correct equipment, oils, potions, and if you have bags of patience.

Preparation is one of the key elements to this game. As a Witcher, knowledge of your foe beforehand is essential to success. The aforementioned glossary helps in this case, giving details as to the weaknesses and strengths of certain monsters. This is where your weapons, alchemy, and abilities come into play.

Your basic weapons are your two swords: one silver, one steel. Silver for monsters, steel for humans or anyone else, really. These can be upgraded through crafting and purchasing from merchants. Crafting is essential to this game, and finding blueprints for weapons and potions is a fun part of the game in the form of scavenger hunt challenges, yielding significant rewards.

Another little weapon you receive during the game is a crossbow, handy against quick-moving and aerial opponents. Night on Bald Mountain Beside your swords, you have alchemy. This has two branches: potions and decoctions, and blade oils. Having the right potion on hand, and the right oil on your sword, can be the difference between success and failure. For instance, when facing a vampire, make sure you have a vial of Black Blood available, making your blood injurious to the monster.

Then come the abilities. These are unlocked with your skill points as you level up. You have three categories to upgrade, and twelve slots, broken into four sections, to assign them to.

Each group of three abilities has a slot next to it for mutagens. These are harvested from monsters, and provide boosts and perks to certain abilities loaded into the appropriate slots. The three categories of abilities are: Combat Abilities, Signs, and Alchemy. The simplest is Combat abilities, which give you physical enhancements in fights. As you upgrade certain areas you can deal more damage, or endure more damage. There are five Signs to develop and focus on as you decide which complements your playstyle, the immediate situation, and more.

Aard is a telekinetic ability, extremely useful in close quarters and for crowd control. Igni is the ability to use fire in combat, either in a wave similar to the impact wave of Aard, or as a stream of flame aimed at an opponent later in the game. Yrden is a magical trap formed on the ground, which can slow, and even deal out damage to enemies after an upgrade. Quen is a basic shield of protection, and can be upgraded to deal damage when struck, essential during later stages of the game.

Axii is basic mind control, almost like the wave of a hand from Obi-Wan. Weapons and armour can be crafted using blueprints purchased from merchants or found on scavenger hunts.

They can also be upgraded using runes, which give certain perks and boosts to stats or abilities, depending on the stone. Runes can also be crafted, creating more powerful variants. There are many secrets to discover Gameplay is immensely satisfying as a third-person hack and slash. Combat involves a light attack, a strong attack, dodging, rolling, and parrying. This can all be complemented with the above Signs and potions. Timing is essential in combat, and attempting to just phone-in an encounter will leave you on the back foot and end in humiliation.

Underestimate your foes at your own peril. Here is where the game shines, and is a perfect example of its deceptive depth. At first it seems simple, but as you progress you realise how much you can do with a sword, a dodge, and a well-timed parry.

Visually, this game is a masterpiece. Lighting is dynamic and often breath-taking. Textures are detailed and have a visual style which creates a feeling of authenticity and realness, carrying a weight and friction about them.

The detail-oriented theme here is evident, even when you merely glance at this game. Every time I start this game up, I see it with new eyes. One complaint I might have is that many NPCs, especially villagers, have recycled faces and voices. This is somewhat excusable when you consider the size of the game world and the resources available to the team when compared to something like GTA V. Textures are detailed and have a visual style which creates a feeling of authenticity and realness, carrying a weight and friction about them Aiding aesthetics is an amazing aural adventure of astounding nature.

The sound and music of this game create an atmosphere which is difficult to describe other than perfectly unique to this experience. The score and soundtrack often took my breath away, especially in certain areas like Skellige, enough to bring me to a halt and just listen, while taking in the entrancing vistas. Beside the score, there is one particular moment where a character performs a bespoke song, which brings a tear to the eye even with the faint memory of the beauty of it.

The Isles of Skellige are accompanied by eerie vistas and hauntingly beautiful music It would be exceedingly easy to go on for many more paragraphs about what this game offers, and what makes it the perfect Game of the Year for With multiple free DLC packs and two large expansions, Hearts of Stone , and Blood and Wine , each with full stories and over 20 hours of gameplay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt got even better post-launch.

If you can believe that. In conclusion, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a true masterpiece of a game. Excellent story, superb gameplay, and well-executed RPG mechanics are combined beautifully to provide an experience I will never forget.

This game comes highly recommended to everyone, regardless of genre preference. Even in a year of exceptional gaming releases, this stands out in the hearts and minds of many a gamer as the best of Vampires just never seem to go out of fashion. Even after the derision foisted on the sparkly vamps Okay, this has taken some time, because I wanted to be fair and thorough.

Full disclosure, I love racing The fact that I was given the opportunity to review this crown jewel of a gaming chair changed my life Many have

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