Multisystem liveusb multiboot для linux

multisystem liveusb multiboot для linux

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   Multisystem liveusb multiboot для linux All Windows Русский, английский 199MB .exe
Раздача проверена : McAfee
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You just have to Drag and drop your files. On my flash drive I added three distro, and everything works. A great utility.

Installation into Linux Mint : 1. Hey, Mike! Soryformy bed English, but I hope I could help you. The corrected versionofmy previous comment:"Hey, Mike! It does not install gparted or whaterver. It shows something in terminal and closes before I can read anything. If you are the author, could you please make your software work? First you have to mount the flash drive fat Then run the program.

Please delete my post. You will improve intuitive understandability of your app if you add alt text to your buttons. Thi is not my app. I have installed current Multisystem version 1.

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MultiSystem, stick multiboot in Linux. ( install and use MultiSystem)., time: 9:27

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