Gta v texture mod for android

gta v texture mod for android

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4.64   (194 голосов)
Поддерживаемые ОС Windows, MAC, Linux
Разрядность 32-64 бит
Тип загрузки RAR архив
Язык интерфейса Мульти
Последнее обновление 2019
Тип распространения Бесплатный
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Дата заливки 01.04.2020

Installation files are nearly 2.

Версия Платформа Язык Размер Формат Загрузка
   Gta v texture mod for android Windows 7-10 Русский, английский 229MB .exe
Раздача проверена : Norton Antivirus
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You can read GTA 5 Android download and installation guide. Android gamers have increased significantly and now in there are millions of mobile gamers ready to play GTA 5.

GTA 5 for Android features high quality gameplay mechanisms, never seen on mobile before. With all new controls scheme and improved buttons you can play game the way you like, simple and easy. Car handing and physics has been improved compared to previous Grand Theft Auto games and now it feels totally realistic. Driving physics is close to most advanced racing games, making playing GTA much more real, fun and exciting.

Shooting and reload is greatly improved as well, making every action you make Unlike other GTA games, V has real world gun sounds and detailed pieces, to make every part feel real. Melee weapons also got upgraded, with optimized sharpness, speed and physics.

You will no longer cut old tree with single hit of knife or one strike of machete. Still, melee weapons are specially good for close combat and hand-to-hand fight, as well as for cutting brushes. The wheel is easier and faster way to change weapons. GTA 5 impress us with stunning graphics unusual for mobile phones or tablet devices.

While keeping graphics maximally eye-catching, beautiful and colorful, it still manages to keep realistic visuals and detailed components in every aspect of the game. Please note your device also needs good GPU to ensure maximum graphics settings and most stunning visuals. Three very different criminals, Franklin, Michael and Trevor are grouped together to survive in hard times as they run out of options and all their attempts to live peacefully failed.

After their reunion and small success, their life turns into chaos and the crew has to go all-in so they success, or they die. Each character has his own set of particular skills, knowledge, aims and problems they need to solve. One more great feature of GTA V Android is ability to play it anywhere, anytime where you have your Android mobile or tablet. There is no need for active internet connection to play in single player mode and follow storyline, but of course you will need working internet connection for multiplayer mode or cloud save features.

After you connect to internet, you can synchronize your progress across RockStar account and continue your progress on consoles or PC. Even better! The game works best with powerful devices with Android 4.

Installation files are nearly 2. To install game successfully, both, apk and cache files are required. Apk file contains some basic core files and can be directly installed, however, cache contains main required files to actually run and play the game and it requires decompression and correct placement. After you download apk and cache, extract folder inside archive. Extract may take several minutes depending on CPU speed.

After you successfully move cache folder, install apk. GTA 5 Android.


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