Crysis 2 critical condition описание

crysis 2 critical condition описание

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It has also been reported that the PC version would not be released with support for DirectX 11, which will instead be implemented with a patch "later on".

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   Crysis 2 critical condition описание All Windows Мульти 216MB .exe
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Operatives are the foot soldiers of the C. Most C. In Crysis 2, they are commanded by Lockhart to find and kill Alcatraz throughout the campaign, however once Lockhart is eliminated, they become allies to Alcatraz. They usually flank the player, but they are mostly seen in a defensive stance along with fellow operatives. In Crysis 3 , they report to an unknown C.

They are usually seen taking cover behind barricades, pillars, and walls when actively fighting. Two C. Note that the Nanosuit is disabled. Assault Operatives wear camouflaged ceramic armour plating that is either black or white.

Their helmets contain gas masks and coloured visors. They are also equipped with frag grenades. Normal damage threshold. Black armor, extra-plated armor, blue visor and blue striped backpack. Higher damage threshold than standard soldier. White ceramic armor, red-orange visor and no backpack. Uses the Marshall or Jackal and the Feline in various cutscenes. Black, red stripped, extra-plated armor, red-orange visor and red stripped backpack. Black kevlar vest, night-vision goggles and grey camouflaged fatigues.

Lower damage threshold than standard soldier. There are five types of C. Three sub variants exist but they are more or less cosmetic variations of the standard five.

These guys are not really meant for combat and are only seen in the first mission. They wear a pink hazardous environment suit and carry the Feline. They are really weak and most weapons will kill them in a few shots. They do not carry grenades. These guys deploy EMP grenades and will usually flank the player. They are not very durable compared to the Troopers and Enforcers. Standard C. There are three sub variations of the troopers where one of them is classified "Team Leader" where they probably replace the role of the C.

Commander from Crysis 2. The other two variants are more of less the same except they carry different ammo types on their uniforms. They have a higher damage threshold than standard soldiers. These guys are the long range units for C. They have a green night vision goggle in their left eye and a black ski mask. They have a lower damage threshold than standard soldiers. The Ghillie variants are seen mainly in mission 3 where they are covered in a green Ghillie coat using the DSG The regular versions are seen mainly in mission 5 towards the end using the Guass Sabot Gun.

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