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Online Application.

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By choosing B. Quality academic education gives students the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to obtain managerial positions in the Global Hospitality Industry.

Guaranteed paid industry training allows students to apply the knowledge into practice while working in the leading Swiss and International hotels and resorts. Personal and professional development provides students with soft and social skills, as well as discipline that motivates, guides, strengthens and ultimately drives the students to succeed.

United Kingdom. I enjoy the urban qualities but I also appreciate the charm and exclusivity of this unique city. Being part of a multi-cultural student body, I had to learn and adapt to different traits and habits. I am so fortunate to live and to study here. The hospitality industry is dynamic, demanding and full of opportunities which can shape your character and lead to a range of exciting career options. Free counseling. Apply online.

Why B. Our Campus. Partner Institutions. Partner Programs. Social Responsibility. Hospitality Management Programs. BA Degree in Hospitality Management.

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management. Degree in International Hospitality Business Management. Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Business Management. MBA Dual Degree. Business Management Programs. Degree Global Business Management. Culinary Arts. Diploma in Culinary Arts. Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts. Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts. Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts. Direct Entry Culinary Arts. Hotelier HF. Summer Course. Preparatory English.

Entry Requirements. Visa Application. English Placement Test. Online Payment. Online Application. Step by step. Internship and Placement. Swiss Internship. International Placement. Typical Internship. After Graduation. Job References. Career Opportunities. Your Career Plan. Recruit from B. Four Reasons. Student Life.

Our Students. Campus Facilities. Student Activities. Your Life in Switzerland. Personal Counseling. Meet us live. Open Days. Regional Offices. Asia Pacific and Asia East Region. Asia South. Europe East.

Join the next generation of Global Leaders at B. Starting Dates Hospitality Management education provides a springboard to exciting career opportunities in hotels, events, airlines, theme parks, cruise lines, recreation and leisure within diverse and growing tourism sector. Global Business Management courses provide the students with an academic qualification and skill set that is attractive to potential employers in fields such as international sales and marketing, finance and controlling, banking, human resources, etc.

The B. Back to normality step by step - Update August 6th, Read Details. Why start studying at B. Volodymyr Chaborai Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts Ukraine "Cooking has been my passion from a young age and therefore decided to turn my passion into a career at B.

High quality internships The hospitality industry is dynamic, demanding and full of opportunities which can shape your character and lead to a range of exciting career options. Sheraton Zurich Neues Schloss. Kempinski Hotel. Renaissance Fort Lauderdale. Mandarin Oriental. Contact Free counseling Brochure Apply online. Find us on Social media! Contact us Download Admissions Apply online.

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