Addon ender update for minecraft

addon ender update for minecraft

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If it does it better be on both Java and Bedrock.

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   Addon ender update for minecraft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Русский, английский 113MB .exe
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How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs - spamming lists of animal names is spam and violates our posting guidelines.

I am all for adding dragons to Minecraft, it has kinda a medieval theme to it and all, but adding lots of different dragons seems like a job for mods, so the Ender Drag.

Should be tameable, here is what i think; the Ender drag. Egg has no use, but only just a trophy, there should be a long and complicated way to hatch it in the normal world. Then after that, you can tame it with chorus fruit and it will be tame like a cat not a dog because it will have WAY to much damage and with a saddle can be ridden.

Please sign in to leave a comment. I would love to have tameable and rideable dragons in Minecraft! I have wanted this feature for a long time and now that Update Aquatic is out of the way, they could start working on a tameable Ender Dragon!

I also agree on it being tamed with course fruit, since it gives off that Ender vibe. Or even giving it a new power such as fire, ice or water? I think adding tameable and rideable dragons in Minecraft is a great idea!

And instead of the hole color changing, it should be a collar. Like a dog or a cat and taming it with chorus fruit is perfect! It would be cool if it gets its abilities based on the location it is hatched or maybe add other dragons in to certain biomes in which you can steel their eggs and raise some for yourself. I love this idea just I think there should be a structure that you make out of bedrock or something hard to get and place egg in the middle for it to spawn. I also think there should be a trust bar.

The more you ride it the more trust you gain, if you hurt in however, the bar goes down. I like this idea CrazyChick I thought it was great. The game needs an end-game pet- what better way to acquire yourself an ender dragon.

The chorus fruit, incubating, the non-aggressive behavior, and saddle were great ideas. The dragon in my opinion should stay hostile though. The idea of having a dragon over a horse defeats the purpose of having a horse. The idea of incubating the egg means it can be exploited, or farmed- especially since the egg would have to have some form or way to spawn as loot from defeating an ender dragon.

The non-agressive behavior like acting like a cat would mean it is more like a house pet, that potentially scares away mob s ; not only does that defeat the purpose of having a little kitty and people love kittens , the OP characteristic of being able to scare off any overworld hostile mob would break the game. It defeats the purpose of building a safe house, or lighting rooms Lastly, the saddles I honestly have nothing to say about the saddles. At this point the conversation becomes redundant and it should be clear that the ender dragon should not become tamable.

The idea is a good one, but it would not build on the idea that the game never ends Yes that idea is great! Since we can collect the egg and we have this great idea.. I mean it only has one other use, which is a trophy. I love the idea of taming it with chorus fruit but maybe we could heal it with maybe obsidian or some end stone?.. I love all your ideas and they are all awesome!

Maybe in the next update. It should be called: "The Dragon Update"! Which adds new dragons and allows you to hatch the Dragon Egg! If it does it better be on both Java and Bedrock. I think that there should be more mobs or dimensions in the normal non-moded version of Minecraft. Skip to main content. Back to minecraft Back to minecraft. CrazyChick shared this idea. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Sort by Date Votes. Vladek16 commented. Comment actions Permalink. Kassidy Miller commented. MajorFox15 commented.

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How to HATCH the ENDER DRAGON EGG in Minecraft Tutorial!, time: 11:27

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